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Credibility Management and Training

What are Industry Experts Saying?

I want to share with you a recent experience working with Jessica LoRusso, author of Be Believable, How to Build a Credible Business. Jessica was a presenter for a recent Professional Development Day held in Winnipeg this past spring. Her topic was Civility and how it impacts our day to day productivity. As a speaker Jessica is dynamic and personable, a person who engages her audience in her material. I believe we each took from that day ideas and suggestions that we can use to better interact with our clients, our friends and families as well. I learned that I can improve on my listening skills and pay attention to not only what is being said but other “cues” that people share. It turns out that developing civility at work increases staff productivity by as much as 80%. Having worked in offices with long hours and demanding deadlines, it is apparent how these things could take their toll on staff and management alike. That combined with mental health issues being a source of disability claims this presentation was timely. I would highly recommend Jessica for any public speaking events that delve into the psychology of group dynamics.


Carole Urias, B.A., CFP®

Certified Financial Planner

During an employee training day we had Powered Profit – Powered by Jessica conduct a two-hour presentation on Boost your Credibility with Civility at Work. The workshop involved a lecturette with learner participation through group work and activities. The purpose of the workshop was to learn more tools to improve customer services and employee communications.

The results of the workshop for Canadian Blood Services are:

90% decrease in rudeness

100% Civil behaviors increase across the organization

90% Professional behavior has increased

90% Respectful behaviors and communications between staff has increased

Improved communications include listening attentively to all individuals and better improved interactions with peers.

Staff enjoyed the interactiveness of the workshop was wonderful. Staff enjoyed sharing their experiences and presenting to others. Three other benefits of the workshop are; staff are more prone to treat others how they want to be treated; more courteous interactions amongst employees, and staff appear to be more positive in the workplace.

Would you recommend the workshop and why? Yes. It is an opportunity to hit the pause button in our work place interactions and focus on more positive interactions.

Sheryl Chalmers

Canadian Blood Services

Several months ago I hired Jessica LoRusso to assist me as a “sounding board” for issues commonly occurring in my practice. While there are courses that one could take that delve into the Art of Practice Management, or courses specific to my field of expertise, I have not yet come across anything that assists women with excelling in a demanding work environment. Often as women we are so busy responding to the “Tyranny of the Urgent” that we never make time to do true Strategic Planning and Evaluation of our contributions and how to better approach conflicts in the workplace. 

LoRusso’s no-nonsense yet friendly style made her coaching very comforting yet effective. I felt she was more like sitting across the table from a trusted friend than someone who was tasked with improving my communication skills. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone who feels they are on the right track but need and outside critic who will help them move their practice beyond short term roadblocks.


Carole Urias, B.A., CFP®

Certified Financial Planner

Whether you are starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or well-established in your business, "Be Believable" offers tools and strategies that you energize you and re-ignite your passion for work.

Jessica offers reminders of tried and true business strategies as well as some fresh ideas for how to elevate your brand and be more profitable. In a world where authenticity is hard to come by, presenting oneself as credible and being trustworthy is critical. Ms. LoRusso's sage advise couldn't be more timely. it's encouraging to read a book by someone who truly practices what she preaches. Well done Jessica.

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Lew Bayer - CEO Civility Experts Worldwide

Good morning, Jessica.

You are very inspirational and also very skilled at focussing another person’s thoughts and energies. Queen of Conquering Overwhelm.  Thank you for spending time with me yesterday and helping me clarify my focus. I appreciate your straightforwardness and felt it a positive step in building our mutually respectful relationship. 

Looking forward to seeing you at 9:30am tomorrow morning at Tache!

Have a great day.


Wanda Steiner, B.A.
192 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 1Z6
Phone: 204-894-4009
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I've known Jessica LoRusso for a few years now. I have gone to many training seminars that she was involved in and hosted the training was phenomenal. She has help me build confidence within me, even given me a push that I can get out there and do a few things that I never thought I could do.

I'm so excited for her new book and very honored and blessed that she allowed me to read a few chapters and give my insight.

Jessica is dynamic and ball Z and bold and gets in your face when she's treating you she takes you by the hand and pushes you through the door until you have the tools and the confidence that you need to be the best business the best person that you can be.

I'm excited for her new book I'm excited that I could share it with my staff and the people that I work with so we can all be empowered.

Janet Lofstrom

Owner The Infinite Element

"An essential and powerful tool for every business owner, this is the gesture of goodwill." Love your book, very informative and well explained on how important is to build the trust, credibility and reputation in a business."

Joanne Hoo, Master Trainer of Civility Experts Malaysia
Owner of Civility Experts Academy

"Your Believability system is what I equate to Customer Relationship Management selling which has been around for a while. Believability is a term though that people can get their brains around, CRM doesn’t “hit home” with people. Basically it’s no more used car salesman selling, if you are not up front and honest; the client won’t stay with you. It’s treating people how you would want to be treated. Simple… but so many sales people/companies miss this point."

SUSAN DORGE Account Manager

ctc TrainCanada is now part of Global Knowledge Canada

Jeannette Brigit

Marriage Commissioner

Turning Points: Ceremonies Celebrating Life

Reading through Jessica LoRusso’s latest book I was struck by the phrase, “What matters most for your business is your reputation, which translates into believability.” It seems, to me, every business struggles to create that one believable ad campaign that will lead customers to their door to purchase their products or service. The one ad campaign that will answer their customers question, “can I believe them?”.

In her book Ms LoRusso defines, then describes how to build a believable business, based on the seller’s reputation, that people will trust. Ms LoRusso is a true entrepreneur....

Jeannette Brigit

Community Outreach

Home Instead Senior Care

Hey Jessica your book is a great read. It sounds powerful and inspiring and it will help many people in business. One thing about making people believe is that it creates an opportunity for friendship and a relationship with your clients or customers. Trust anad High-quality products or services are very essential to any business and their reputation. You have a lot of good pointers that will help many businesses succeed.

Akbar Nazeer CEO

Executive Career Services

Jessica hits on a topic that has been brushed under the table for far to long, as large companies forgot that to survive they must be believable. It will become even more important to all sizes of business as we become even more disconnected with our clients thanks to technologic advances. Therefor the timing of this information could not be more perfect nor relevant. Jessica's commitment, experience and knowledge comes through as she presents her information in a passionate and clear manner earning our trust and setting the perfect example for us to follow. Jessica's No B.S. approach makes this a must read for anyone whether they are in business or not.

Sherry Wilkinson – President

p. 204-800-1442

“Believability is much more than a buzzword. It is a lifestyle and mentality that all people should embrace with enthusiasm. For business owners, believability can be the difference between failure and success.”

Rita Tully – President

Rita Tully Chartered Professional Accountant Inc.

The line from Chapter 1 with the AH-HA moment for me is: "You must have the elements of believability to have a fruitful exchange of business. There must be high elements of trust, transparency, confidence, integrity, civility, goodwill, presence, and social intelligence for business success..."

This combination is fundamental. You must be authentically believable - not just cultivate a credible facade - and to do so means embodying all of these character traits. It goes back to the golden rule and treating people as you would wish to be treated yourself. You must walk the talk. That is one of the things I have always admired about you and your work, that you are authentic. You used the services and products you provided to others, because you believed in them. You are an active community leader in organizations because you believe in them and know that there is always time to do the right thing to help others. You model for others what it means to be believable and it gives others confidence to work with you.

Sharon Blady

Former Minister of Health

Province of Manitoba

Author | Speaker | Mental Health Advocate | Mentor | Educator | Leadership Development at Sharon Blady

Love, love , love, how it all comes down to "believability"

Lana Lamoureux

Salon Owner

Lana's Hair Design

With myself being in a personality based business and working with clients who are often physically and emotionally uncomfortable with their body I once got told I was the most empathic coach this lady had ever met and as my clients share very personal details with me it is important that they trust me and that they feel comfortable with me and so the comments regarding the reasons for people doing business with you and do they trust you, do they feel comfortable with you. And although I am qualified with many designations the other comment that resonated with me was are you qualified to do what you say you can do. Personally I actually don't think that someone should necessarily be academically qualified to do a job as I have never had training to be empathetic as it is something that I just do and have that internal quality and feel that really empathy cannot be taught. Although I am university educated and believe in formal education and I study my ass off and research and read and listen to podcasts and audio books I believe that a certificate only proves that you can pass an exam and it doesn't mean that you necessarily have the ability to apply the knowledge that you learned. And again that ability to apply your knowledge and empower your clients is built into your personality. And so believability does draw on those personal abilities that cannot necessarily be taught.

Karen Insley

Owner & President

Healthy Way Every Day

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Jessica for a number of years now

As the former owner of Zealous Medi Spa, Jessica chose to advertise in our weekly paper

It is always a pleasure to work with someone who knows her business, knows her industry,

And is fully on top of her craft.

All employees understood the need to maintain the client experience, and you could tell just walking through the door.

Jessica brings the total professionalism to all her endeavours, and brings the best out in people she deals with and continues to bring that inspiration and motivation to her training when she is training and keynote speaking.

Alastair Gillespie

Coffee News Winnipeg


Concepts that stood out to me are: "A major aspect of believability is treating people with kindness and goodwill, and like all the other aspects of believability this increases your bottom line and sets you apart from your competition."

"There must be high elements of trust, transparency, confidence, integrity, civility, goodwill, presence, and social intelligence for business success..."

Heather Jayne Klassen

Business Strategist

Jessica LoRusso offers realistic, applicable and successful tools for entrepreneurs, individuals and professionals. She encourages implementation of concepts that enhance and improve job and life skills. She empowers with ideals for personal growth and confidence that assist in the achievement of goals set both personally and professionally. Each time I hear her deliver a presentation, I take away a new flame, or am reminded of a fire I need to rekindle. Jessica is a speaker who shows deep dedication to improving the lives of others by sharing her knowledge. Her passion for her audience and her work shows in her delivery. I am grateful for the opportunity to know and learn from her.

Nancy Thomson

Business Development Coordinator


Jessica truly is an inspirational person to hear speak to help build your business she thrives on making your business a success, your success is her success!!!

Amy Lynch

Natural Health Therapy

Holistic Therapist

Used to be that Being believable wasn’t difficult if you simply honest and straightforward. Now a days in the financial world most people are very easily disturb by what the media, friends or coworkers say (even though they have little or no knowledge on the subject), and then you combine this with other advisors, mainly banks, will create a fire and try their best to ruin a relationship by picking at issues that aren’t really issues. I have clients which I feel that I have a great relationship with and they still will “cheat on me” and then they say they are simply looking out for their best interest, which is understandable, but it all comes from the unbelievable. I will never disturb a relationship if I meet someone and they tell me they have a good trusting relationship with their financial advisor, that’s bad business. The subject of your book is a very important piece of the formula of success and glad you are writing a book on it. How can I help? Not sure what “include me in your book” means.

Ray Vermette

Vermette Financial

The beginning says it all- Customers by YOU. In the classes for students, this is a big thing to teach them. How they present themselves to the customers, how they look, speak and interact can make or break their reputation when working with the public.

This is an excellent book to add to anyone’s business/school library.

Thanks Jessica for all the useful and profound advice you have given me and now with this book everyone can benefit from your years of experience and insight into business.

Doreen P. Maunder


European School of Esthetics

The book spoke to me most in the following paragraph. I have experienced this phenomenon myself at networking events. I have been and have sought the person in the room that you just want to connect with. I feel that believability is not something someone can falsely offer. It is in their demeanor, their posture, their expression, their SMILE and their words. Believability is credibility and in any type of sales, that is huge.

“How is it that some people are more influential, more persuasive, and more inspiring than others? How is it that they move through the room and have that "wow" factor that people are more drawn to? Individuals who are more believable tend to have more doors open to them because people will take them more seriously. Salespeople who have more believability traits tend to sell more and because they seem to attract people, business comes to them seemingly effortlessly.”

Nancy Thomson



“Congratulations on another foray into establishing yourself as a recognized and respected entrepreneurial force in Canada! Your self-confidence and professionalism have paved a path to business success for you, and sharing your experience and expertise will help others to follow in your footsteps to reach higher professional and personal goals.”

My Ah-Ha sentence is ”Believability allows a business to build and maintain the crucial trust that is needed to maintain a loyal client base. Businesses should strive to have 100% of customers believing that they are going to follow through on their promises …... Following believability best practices and working to have businesses act as a trusted advisor to their customer instead of a salesperson, is one of many ways that a business can build trust and increase sales and increase their bottom lines.”

Dorothy Keizer

Professional Travel Advisor and Business Owner

Travel Professionals International

“As I read the book, Jessica was able to bring clarity to many thoughts and assumptions I’d had about my own business. With that clarity I’m able to take action.” Also, “I’ve heard Jessica speak several times. She brought knowledge, understanding, and passion about business on every occasion.”

Rob Read

President, Bison Fire Protection Inc.

Believe-ability. The ability for people to believe in a person/product/service... This original approach to business building brings personal and professional development to a whole new level! Jessica LoRusso passionately tackles this topic in order for entrepreneurs to understand what it really takes to succeed. As a successful author, speaker, teacher, trainer and entrepreneur who has put these theories and systems into practice, this book will show you how to raise the bar, attracting and retaining customers and profits.

Cindy McKay 

owner of Natural Reset-healing from the inside out

"In business, a happy and healthy team is always more profitable, as the team

will treat each other well and in turn, they will treat your customers well. Behaviour is infectious, just like rudeness is contagious, being nice is also contagious. When our workplace behaviours embody civility concepts we see an increase in profitability and thus have built a solid foundation of believability."

My sentence: "Like a waterfall, negative and positive energy flows over and into everyone and everything filling nooks and crannies from the outside in and inside out. Negative workplace energy causes rot, failure and disease from high stress whereas positive workplace energy lifts and elevates creating great health and success."

Terry Wildemann

Certified Executive Coach - Intuitive Leadership®

“Jessica is definitely believable in her understanding of success. With passion and enthusiasm, she has captured a formula for entrepreneurial achievement. With almost 50 years of business behind me, I appreciate Jessica’s fresh approach to reaching your goals. Well done!

Brian P Scharfstein C. Ped (C) - President

Canadian Footwear Ltd. FootHealth Centres

Pedorthic Consulting Services

“Believability, Integrity, and a genuine desire to ensure my clients have level of service beyond their expectations has been instrumental in making me financially, professionally & personally successful.” Jessica shares these ideas in an insightful easy to follow format.

Mary Waywood - Business Development Director

I have been working with Jessica LoRusso as the owner of New Wave Body Image for eight years now and then when I purchased Zealous Medispa in 2014. She has taught me how to run my business and turn a profit. I can say right from the bottom of my heart that if it was not for Jessica LoRusso’s guidance, talent and knowledge that I would not be in the successful business position that I am in today. She has taught me a lazer focused business acumen that has been essential to my success as an entrepreneur. Jessica LoRusso is inspiring and motivating always looking at how to improve and keep moving beyond what it is now. Jessica continually demonstrates in her knowledge and actions that she is dedicated and cares about my success. She is highly skilled but more importantly highly experienced in business and knows how to run a business and turn a profit. 

I love that every time I have a challenge she is there to walk me through it and show me the way. More importantly helps me learn what I need to know to be successful. I find that in her classes and keynote speachs she is very down to earth, to the point and very easy to understand and explains concepts in way that you get it all with real life business examples.

I am so happy that Jessica LoRusso wrote the book “Be Believable.” Jessica does not show just show you how to build a business that works, but she shows you the first thing is that business success starts with you as an individual and then how to structure your business to make a profit. Operating Zealous Medispa is so much easier because I no longer have to chase people to come and spend their money but they just walk right through the doors because they are so very happy to do business with us. Jessica LoRusso show you how to be and have a business that is more credible and trust worth that has a positive reputation. When she says that “Believability is Good Business” she means it. The AH-HA moment I had when reading the book “Without Believability there is no sale, opportunity, profit or business. I would advise anyone that wants to be successful to learn and implement Jessica LoRusso’s believability principles.

Darcy Hannah

Owner – Zealous MediSpa


"There is a lot in Jessica's book that excites me - but one lesson she teaches really stands out to me. In public and media relations I am often advising my clients on how they will be viewed - and this is something I will share with them : In her first chapter, Jessica says "Research shows that if you hear information about a company from someone in a leadership position it is much more believable" than otherwise. She goes on to point out that today's audiences (whether at networking events or media consumers) tend to tune out when hearing a company extol its own attributes. As those of us working in PR know, what others say about you and your brand is by far more important than what you say yourself...and as she points out, research bears out that being kind, and ethical in dealings with customers, employees and others who have contact with you and your brand, is as important a business tactic as any taking place in the CFO's office."

"Jessica is an inspiring speaker with an extremely important message that can help elevate your business far beyond your competitors. Truly next level thinking that boardrooms need."

Tracy Lamourie

President, Creative Director

Lamourie Public Relations

[email protected]

Jessica has always been a great leader. In her book she describes how she achieved such great results with statistics to back it up. The information is really insightful and helpful to everyone, whether seasoned business person or just starting out.

Sue Leclair - President and CEO

The Pretzel Place

Jessica is an empowering speaker on stage and now in her book “Be Believable”.

She has helped me to see the value of building credibility through developing a

professional presence enroute to becoming a leader in my industry.

Her step by step blueprint is easy to understand and quick to learn with success in the five primary systems:

sales, marketing,profit,customer experience and leadership.

I would recommend every business person read “Be Believable” then practise her system for SUCCESS.

Brenda Hobor RN

Certified and Licensed B.A.N.K. Personality Trainer for Sales and Relationships

www.Inspired Solutions for

Jessica LoRusso’s

Next Big Thing

It is my opinion that Believability is the foundation from which you build Integrity, loyal clients, and future success in everything that you seek to accomplish.

My 6 year relationship with Jessica stems from our mutual involvement at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Anyone meeting Jessica cannot help but feel her positive enthusiasm that just flows naturally; from the smiling tone of her voice to the sparkling effervescence in her eyes.

As Jessica says in this book “…believability helps you influence and motivate your team.”

It is this natural believability she shares with everyone she meets. It is a gift. And it puts you at ease. It helps you understand that, “I walk beside Jessica and not follow in her lead. I may see things differently or see something she didn’t. This becomes a valued strength in forging mutual respect and a sharing of values and ideas.”

Richard Rosin

Winnipeg, Friendliest Undertaker

Neil Bardal Funeral Centre

Great read from start to finish, an absolute home run - Jessica Lorusso is a talented Writer, Speaker and Entrepreneur with a magnetic personality and who's goal is assisting other Entrepreneurs and Businesses achieve new heights. Believability is key.

Glenn & Gwen Tewnion President and Vice President

Certitude Enterprises (Property Care and Landlord Coaching)

www. (Buy/Fix/Sell)