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Credibility Management and Training

Setting Workplace Standards Outline 

Have you ever felt tied up in knots, wondering how to interpret something someone else said or not knowing how to say something you need to say? Is negativity and rudeness impacting productivity, loyalty or morale in your workplace? Effective, positive communication between co-workers, higher ups and clients is imperative in today’s workplace. Tight timelines, competition, and the struggle to find balance leave no place for rude behaviour, negativity, interpersonal conflict or a lack of clarity.

This session focuses on modern guidelines for civility in the workplace. Topics include:

•Defining “professionalism”

•Expectations for interacting with work teams

•Understanding the difference between “friendly” and “familiar”

•Communicating in a way that sends an impression of competence and credibility

•Choosing words and nonverbal cues that show respect and build confidence

•Knowing the expectations for mixing business and social responsibilities

•Consistently conveying high personal standard

•Practicing modern guidelines for courtesy and technology

•Navigating challenges and conflicts with grace and civility

Who would benefit from this session?
  • Business owners
  • Sales people
  • Managers
  • Employees working with customers.
  • Anyone is the workforce
Session Outcomes
Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be better able to:
  • Understand the cost of rudeness to business
  • Be more confident and positive communicators
  • Anticipate interpersonal and communication conflicts and learn to avoid them
  • Understand different communication styles including your own
  • Monitor the four key facets of communication that you can control
  • Know when to “talk back” and when to “back down”
  • Stop the cycle of negative communications in the workplace
  • Determining the role of integrity, accountability, responsibility, and reasonability.
  • How to be a professional in different scenarios
  • Foster positive relationships with co-works and customers.
  • Positive customer service and a more positive service attitude.