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Credibility Management and Training

Navigating Office Politics & Elements of Professionalism

Do you want to increase your bottom line by 30%? Recent studies suggest that incivility in the workplace can significantly impact morale, customer service, productivity, and the bottom line. Increasingly, consumers as well as employees are demanding courtesy and respect. Whether it’s teaching executives to write a proper thank you card, encouraging front-line employees to practice proper customer service skills or coaching a new manager on appropriate behaviors companies who care about internal and external client service are increasing the bottom line by investing in civility training.

Duration – 1 Day

Is negativity impacting productivity, loyalty or morale in your workplace? Effective, positive communication between co-workers, higher ups and clients is imperative in today’s workplace. Tight timelines, competition and the struggle to find balance leave no place for negativity, interpersonal conflict or a lack of clarity. Although it is true that we notice someone’s appearance initially, it does not take long before a person’s outward appearance can be overshadowed by a negative attitude or a less than sunny disposition. Mastering the elements of professionalism; image, attitude, communication, and confidence helps to create an environment that encourages increased performance and productivity which impacts your bottom line. This session focuses on behavioral skills and provides solutions for common communication issues in the workplace and projecting professionalism.

Who Would Benefit from this Session?

If you want to foster self-assured, positive and professional communications and professionalism in your workplace, join Canada’s etiquette expert Jessica LoRusso for this introspective, interactive and interesting session. Managers, leaders, team members, front-line employees, human resource professionals, and anyone who must relate to other individuals in the workplace would find these materials useful.

Rationale for this Session

One of the unfortunate facts of life is that office dynamics are here to stay. What may start as small workplace annoyances; gossip, favoritism, misunderstandings, poor communication skills or a lack of clarity, can quickly become obstacles to performance and productivity and can cause 30% lost revenue . And, whether a dispute happens over something silly or something serious, a great many problems arise when things escalate into conflict. Resolution is not about being right! No one really wins if anyone loses and the real goal should be to find a common ground. When personal and office challenges prevail, productivity can fail. Knowing what is expected and accepted behavior for every business and professional situation is vital to your career success. Learn how to master personal presence and professionalism.

Session Outcomes

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the cost of rudeness to business
  • Be more confident and positive communicators
  • Anticipate interpersonal and communication conflicts and learn to avoid them
  • Understand different communication styles including your own
  • Monitor the four key facets of communication that you can control
  • Know when to “talk back” and when to “back down”
  • Stop the cycle of negative communications in the workplace
  • Determining the role of integrity, accountability, responsibility, and reasonability.
  • How to be a professional in different scenarios
  • Foster positive relationships with co-works and customers.
  • Positive customer service and a more positive service attitude.

Attendees Will Receive - Session Materials