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The training we offer helps build character, confidence and courtesy. We don’t just teach the correct behavior, we explain “why” good behavior is necessary—and the consequences of bad manners. Etiquette classes offer learning strategies for coping with change and ensure your child’s social success. 

Etiquette courses help develop social skills such as:
  • Proper behaviour at home, at school or in public
  • Showing respect for parents, elders or others
  • Communication and coping skills to avoid tantrums and overcome shyness
  • Sharing, empathy and helping others
  • Finding worth and building self-esteem
  • Choosing good role models and navigating difficult situations
  • Establishing good habits: health, diet, exercise, hygiene
  • Setting realistic goals and devising plans to achieve them
  • Practical life skills such as: managing money, caring for their things; basic cooking

To complete your registration, please fill out the registration form and email to [email protected]

and complete payment of the program. Both form and payment must be received to confirm your seat.




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Rosebud Club Girls

Age 5-10,

$179.00 for 8 sessions. 

Whether it is how to set a pretty table, writing thank you cards, decorating cupcakes, or arranging flowers, being a gracious hostess and learning how to take care of oneself and one’s things helps little girls grow into charming, polite young ladies. All materials and refreshments provided for Rosebud Club members and their guests. Crafts and activities are designed to build confidence, self-esteem and social competence while giving club members an opportunity to practice their socializing skills and the art of conversation. Girls will take home what they make. 

DON’T FORGET- there is a no denim policy at Rosebud Club. We encourage parents to drop their children off and come back to pick them up.

Register for Rosebud Club

Saturdays 9 am - 10 am

October 5, 12, 19, 26 and

November 2, 9, 16, 23, 2019

$179.00 plus GST

Complete Payment

Rosebud Club

Little Miss Manners

Ages 5-10


Graduates of the Little Miss Manners program will develop skills they need to be successful at school, with their friends, and in life​ generally. This 8 part series will teach what is expected AND respected in social settings and boost their confidence. Having a clear understanding of social rules will help little girls not only show respect, BUT earn the respect of others as well.

All supplies and refreshments are included. Classes fill quickly so please register today! *If registering for BOTH Rosebud Club and Little Miss Manners during this session, the cost would be $309.00 + GST

Register for Little Miss Manners

Saturdays 10:30 am - 11:30 am

October 5, 12, 19, 26 and

November 2, 9, 16, 23, 2019

$179 plus GST

Complete Payment

Rosebud Club

Register for Rosebud Club & Little Miss Manners

Saturdays 9 am - 11:30 am

October 5, 12, 19, 26 and

November 2, 9, 16, 23,019

$309 plus GST

Complete Payment

Package Rosebud and Little Miss Manners

Polite and Proud Of It


$179.00 for 8 sessions. 

This 8 part class children learn the meaning of respect; showing respect to others and to yourself. Children will learn the importance of first impressions, proper handshaking and eye contact, how to introduce themselves and others, how to remember names, communicating with confidence, the art of conversation, listening skills, what not to say, telephone communication, netiquette and more.  

Register for Polite and Proud Of It

Saturdays 1 pm - 2:30 pm

October 5, 12, 19, 26 and

November 2, 9, 16, 23, 2019

$179 plus GST

Complete Payment

Polite & Proud Of It

Hey, Mr. Nice Guy!


$179.00 for 8 sessions.

As young men make their way in the world, knowing how to behave in different situations and learning good manners builds confidence. And confidence is cool!

Social competence is a skill young men are never too young to learn and never too old to use. Research out of Harvard University shows that social skills account for up to 85% of long-term success—in just a few hours young men will gain knowledge and skills that will benefit them ongoing—in work and other aspects of their lives. Lessons are interactive and fun. Instructors are members of the Civility Experts Worldwide team, Canada’s leading experts for over 15 years. 

Classes are conducted over six weeks, materials and refreshments are included.
  • We will cover topics such as:
  • how to convey confidence
  • why manners matter
  • how to leave a positive first impression
  • tips for personal hygiene, posture, and body language
  • the art of conversation
  • communication habits that show and learn respect
  • situational etiquette; dining, parties, sports events, and more.

Register for Mr. Nice Guy

Saturdays 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

October 5, 12, 19, 26 and

November 2, 9, 16, 23, 2019

$179 plus GST

Complete Payment

Mr. Nice Guy

Manners on the Menu - Dining Etiquette

Ages 5 and up

Group and private options available.

By Request - Email to [email protected]

Knowing the rules for dining and having the ability to consistently practice the technical skills related to eating will allow you for feel more comfortable in dining situations. If you are more comfortable you can make others more comfortable, which is really what good manners are all about. Learn styles of eating, formal table setting, silverware savvy, navigating the place setting, dining do's and don,ts, managing difficult foods, manners at the table, restaurant manners, finessing the buffet, invitations, entertaining etiquette, host and guest duties, handling chopsticks and much more.

Options Include: Wedding Preparation, Formal Family Dinning, Graduation Preparation and Formal Dinning Occasions


(Suitable for Ages 5-18 years)

$299 for 2 hours

Check Booking - email [email protected]

Our Coco Chanel inspired party (Black and White with Pink and Sparkle) is just perfect enough to accommodate up to 10 party guests including the guest of honor to celebrate, in style!

Once you’ve booked your party, we take care of everything else! Your party is “planned” to follow an “Afternoon in Paris” agenda which includes:

  • A party host – to direct your guests through the activities, give etiquette tips, and help make the party perfect.
  • A visit to the “Mademoiselle Salon” – touch up your make-up and get your hair done in a pretty French twist held with rhinestone and pearl pins, or choose an Audrey Hepburn inspired up-do style complete with tiara instead (guests may keep the hair accessories).
  • Next – it’s off to the “Coco Room” to put on your pearls, boas, and gloves, and pose for a few photos in front of the Eiffel Tower with your family and friends.
  • Then, it’s time for a trip to “Le Petit Gateau” where you will enjoy some beautiful sweet treats and a theme inspired cake while you gaze at the Eiffel tower – ahhh Paris!
  • And what party would be complete without presents? Move over to the “Rosebud Room” to celebrate and open gifts with the party girl. Don’t forget to stop by the signature “Pink Candy Buffet” where you and your friends can each choose some goodies to take home.

Etiquette Tea Parties for Birthdays and Special Occasions



Check Booking - email [email protected]

Who doesn’t love a tea party?

Imagine the fun if the tea party includes up to 10 good friends, dress-up, a mini-etiquette lesson to learn tea etiquette and the art of serving a beautiful cake. You will also have fun selecting treats from the candy bar to take home. Book your all- inclusive tea etiquette party today.

Classes Coming Soon

Contact us to be put on a waiting list or more information 

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Courtesy Kids

Ages 6-12


Action packed fun in an ongoing weekly program, children 6-12 learn respect, confidence and the power of politeness. Family life, social rules, dining etiquette, uncommon courtesies, rules for home, school and travel, are all covered in this program along with role-playing, interactive games, art activities and more.


Ages 9-13

$179.00 for 8 sessions.

For young ladies ages 9-13 - Worries about how the world views them, and not always feeling comfortable about themselves or in unfamiliar social settings can seriously impact self-esteem and confidence.

This 8-part social and life skills program is designed to introduce the "rules" for meeting social expectations and fitting into the world as well as build confidence, self-esteem & social competence.

Real Beauty Boot Camp (FINISHING SCHOOL)

Ages 12-15


Includes lunches and all materials - certificate and special gifts. Being a real beauty is not the same as being really beautiful- at least not in the way many people think. Sure it’s important to look good - but real beauty is something you find. You find it when you find your courage, confidence, and character and you build it when you practice civility and grace.


Ages 6-12


Who says manners can’t be fun. Join Jessica LoRusso and her team and enjoy 5 fun-filled days of learning, crafts and activities including scavenger hunts, visits with the Tablemonsters and more. You’ll learn about meeting, greeting, what respect is, behavior in public places, taking care of yourself, and there’s even a graduation party. 


Age 8-12

$125.00 SUMMER

All materials, beauty treatments, 3 course lunch, workbooks and prizes are included.

A certificate of achievement will be presented the last day of class. Life can be exhausting and stressful for pre-tweens and tweenagers…fitting in and filling out, afraid to follow but to shy to led, and making your way in the word while you’re finding out who you are. Every person can be confident.

Confidence is Cool

Ages 10-15


As young people make their way in the world, they will require advanced social skills. Knowing what confidence is and how to get it gives young people the boost they need to contribute positively and feel good about themselves.

This vital program for ages 10 -15 covers the steps to gaining confidence, setting goals, problem solving, asserting yourself with ease, confident language, social IQ, courteous communication, dress and decorum, special event etiquette, invitations and correspondence, social etiquette, and dining etiquette. It provides your child with the tools to feel confident in any situation.

Backpack to Briefcase Finishing School

AGES 14-16


This program includes 5-2 hour workshops complete with power point presentations, take home assignments and a class handbook. Completion of all five classes for a total of 10 hours results in a comprehensive etiquette program and certificate of completion for the attendee. The program prepares youth for the transition to college or the work place. In addition to those topics covered in �Confidence is Cool,� this program covers first impressions, image, dating dilemmas, saying �no,� social and situational etiquette, confident greeting, communication skills public speaking, dining etiquette, public courtesy, interview etiquette, corporate conduct and more.

On the Move Leadership and Empowerment Certificate Program

For Young Adults Ages 14-25

The curriculum was designed to support leadership development and offers knowledge and practical tools that promote education, character building, and collaboration.

Content includes eight modules that can be offered as stand-alone lessons or a comprehensive three day program (to include Orientation, breaks and Event Close celebration) covering information on key leadership competencies such as personal values, social competence, building trust, communication skills, respect, cultural competence, and continuous learning OPEN BROCHURE