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Credibility Management and Training

Power Lunch to Business Dinning Etiquette

Individuals who negotiated in restaurants created 12% greater profits and those who negotiated over food in a conference room created 11% greater profits.) This suggests that eating while deciding important matters offers profitable, measurable benefits through mutually productive discussions.

Can business etiquette make or break a deal?

Absolutely. For instance, many business meetings can happen over a meal, and having bad table manners can be a horrible distraction. The four hours you spend learning dining etiquette can change the way you do business forever.

“When using proper etiquette, you strengthen your reputation as someone who is professional and courteous,” says Bill Driscoll, New England district president of Accountemps. “People want to work with others who show them respect.”

Attending etiquette class may seem old school, but minding your P’s and Q’s may help you move up the corporate ladder a little faster. According to a recent survey from staffing firm Accountemps, more than eight in 10 (85 percent) survey respondents say being courteous to co-workers has an impact on a person's career prospects.

When dining out, other people do notice how you conduct yourself at the dinner table and whether you possess good table manners or you lack in what is commonly referred to as dining etiquette. Most people believe they have good table manners and above average dining etiquette skills. However, we have found that most people don't even possess the basics, let alone the finer points. One of the most popular comments that we hear after a dining etiquette seminar is, "I thought my table manners were quite good, but did I ever learn a lot." Whether you are an executive in need of refining your dining skills and how to host, a professional who is constantly entertaining clients, or an individual who wants to appear more confident and poised when dining out, we have a program for you.

The business meal is more than a meal - it's a time that business relationships are developed, networking is done and deals are made. A lack of social graces and poor table manners can cause embarrassment and lead to a business deal going astray. Where the person or persons you are trying to impress are more focused on your faux pas and not the business at hand.  

Choose a public tutorial for yourself or your organization or a private tutorial for your organization. This tutorial is presented along with a 3-4 course meal. Participants will learn what is needed to successfully entertain and socialize during a business meal.

This is not a stuffy dining etiquette presentation. We like to have fun! The seminar is highly interactive and questions are encouraged throughout. It is an ideal seminar for your next off-site meeting or conference and it can be presented to any size of group.

  • Networking
  • Organizing the business meal
  • Seating strategy
  • How to be the ideal host and guest
  • Business introductions
  • Small talk and taboo topics
  • Alcohol protocol and consumption
  • Dining dilemmas and mishaps
  • Paying the bill and tipping
  • Navigating the place setting
  • Eating styles
  • Dinning faux pas
  • Toasting
  • Thanking your host 

Let us help you organize a Dining Etiquette Tutorial for your event. Private dinning tutorial for a party or corporate event are also available.