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Credibility Management and Training

Decision Making & Negotiations Then Seal the Deal with Confidence

Do you struggle with decision-making? Are there days when you would consider asking a Ouija Board for answers rather than have to endure the opinion of co-workers and higher-ups? If you are afraid of making the wrong choice, or if you realize that your decision-making and/or negotiating strategies are just not working and you want to learn some new techniques, this workshop is for you. Deals, promotions and sales are lost daily because professional are perceived as lacking confidence. Regardless of how smart they are or how much experience they have in their field, most professionals would admit that now and then their confidence wavers. Learn the ten ways to communicate confidence and tackle challenges and whatever comes your way.

Who would benefit

Any professional who strives to learn, who adapts to change, who rises to meet challenges and wants to learn to make better decisions and negotiations. Learning and utilizing techniques for making appropriate, timely decisions and negotiation is an invaluable skill that will help ensure success for anyone and everyone in business.

  • Be a more confident communicator
  • Present yourself with credibility and courtesy
  • Feel less nervous in unfamiliar settings
  • Learn and use ten techniques for communicating confidence
  • Understand how valuable decision-making skills are to leaders
  • Apply the 4 E’s philosophy to daily decisions
  • Use proven techniques to make better decisions
  • Repair situations when they make the wrong decision
  • Lead individuals, teams, and organizations to success through good, timely decision-making
  • Be better negotiators